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Going Native Gardens specializes in landscape design emphasizing
native New England plants
Residence with a Steep Lot
This gracious hillside home was hidden behind large Norway Maples and had poor pedestrian/visitor access, as the lot was so steep. The landscape renovation opened up the site by removing the maples, adding a row of columnar street trees, and partially leveling and defining the front lawn, the steepest areas of which were planted with groundcover, not grass seed. New pedestrian steps enhanced with embedded low-voltage lighting were constructed beside the re-built driveway. The palette of native trees, shrubs and perennials included Redbud, Winterberry, Foamflower and Bearberry.
Before:                                                                   After:
Before: Driveway was difficult for foot traffic, especially in winter. After: Lighted steps provide a better experience for approaching the house
Low voltage paver lights were used to minimize clutter around the steps; the whitish tiles are actually inset lights.
The flat area next to driveway serves as both circulation space and as snow storage in the winter. The large Vietnamese jar was drilled through the bottom for drainage, so it will survive frosts.
The native Winterberry brightened the first autumn, and the small bulbs blooming in the following spring will multiply over the years.

          URL: http://goingnativegardens.com  Date: March 2011  V3.1  Author: Concord Avenues