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Going Native Gardens specializes in landscape design emphasizing
native New England plants
Landscape Projects
My recent residential projects have focused on restoring balance and order to the properties, re-thinking circulation patterns and amenities for the convenience and pleasure of the homeowners, and replacing invasive species with native species, both for low maintenance and to better attract birds.

My recent Projects include the following:
A Steep Lot Landscaping Makeover: Before and After This gracious hillside home was hidden behind large Norway Maples and had poor pedestrian/visitor access, as the lot was so steep. The three large Norway Maples were removed, revealing the house. On the street side, four fastigiate hornbeams (Carpinus betulus) replace the two Maples.
Please click on images for more on this project
link to steeplot project link to steeplot project
A Small Yard Redesign: Before and After
The back yard of this house was too closed in by overgrown arborvitae and volunteer Norway Maples. Removing them gave the residents room for a seating wall and patio, a herb garden, and a pleasant border of flowering shrubs and small trees. In addition the owners gained a much-needed off-street gravel parking pad bordered with native Ilex glabra (Inkberry) to screen the car from the patio.
Lexington Forest Residence Renovation
A Forest residence was given a more welcoming front access and a new patio to the rear. Please click on images for more on this project.
Arlington Heights Residence
A home in Arlington Heights was recently graced with a modern addition in the back, leaving only a very small portion of the small lot free. During construction, the landscaping had been torn up and needed complete renovation. Please click on images for more on this project.
My other Projects include:
Water feature School butterfly garden
             Border before... ....Same border after
Sunny perennial border
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